Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Packer Gear

If you are planning a trip to Green Bay, WI to see the Green Bay Packers, I would recommend a stop at the Packer Pro Shop which is connected to Lambeau Field on the North end of the stadium. They have a TON of Packer gear some of which can be found elsewhere, but most not so.

Gear like the cute white hat Brett wore during the beating they took in Seattle on Monday.

If you have enough Packer garb to last a lifetime, but need tickets to a Packer Football game, as always visit Ticket King online and you will be in great shape with your cute new hat and cheap Packer tickets!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Roughing the Passer?

You have got to be kidding me! I don't fair so well on determining holding calls, but this one even I could tell was a bad call!

The Green Bay Packers should have won tonight in Seattle (well except for the fact that they allowed that Alexander guy to run for a million yards). Damn history... All the stories. Looking back. The stories were told as good as any Days of our Lives episode. Trouble with this is that the teacher always wins.

Sure we heard the new Quest Field is the loudest in the NFL, but until I saw the fans on their feet the ENTIRE game, did I believe it to be true. These fans were super loud from the kick off. It would do the Lambeau faithful some good to take to a lesson or two from that playbook.

Well, three more home games left for the Pack - the Jets, the Lions and the Vikings end the season on the 21st of December. Will the 21st be the last home game for Favre? Will he end his career on New Years Eve at Soldier Field?????? We shall see. In the mean time, if you need tickets to see this future hall of fame quarterback in person, check out my friends at Ticket King - super nice, super fair pricing and a Wisconsin company....Go Pack Go!

Great Gift Idea for the Holidays!

Deanna Favre Hope Foundation:

Favre and Holmgren....Together Again!

Just a few hours until kickoff.....I sit as the lone fan at work with Packer gear on. I strongly believe you need to represent regardless. Others in their "casual monday" attire differ.

That's ok.

The last time the two guys, Favre and Holmgren were together in Seattle for a football game, Holmgren was wearing Green and Gold and was leading the Packers straight to the Super Bowl. Times have changed, but our quarterback hasn't. That is also ok.

I will look forward to chit-chatting about a Packers win tomorrow. Until then, Let's Go Packers.