Monday, December 31, 2007

One Quarter is all Favre Needed

He was a man on a mission. Favre took to Lambeau Field Sunday ready to prove to the fans that it truly was the weather in Chicago the week prior that had him and the rest of the Packers all loused up. Within the first minute of the second quarter, the Green Bay Packers went up over the Detroit Lions 21-3. The final score of the Lions Packers game was 34-13, ensuring the Packers end the regular 2007 NFL season with tying a franchise record with 13 overall wins. Ok, not as exciting a the New England Patriots 16 wins, but for me this was a GREAT football season, which doesn't have the finishing touches on it yet.
As far as football fashion goes, you will notice Favre improved his clothing options to a more updated white shirt which defenders weren't as able to pull on as we witnessed in the Packers Bears game. Favre just wore an old school T-shirt which stretched out as the Bears' linemen grabbed at him.
GO PACKERS! What WILL Favre wear for the NFC Divisional Playoff game??? I wonder?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Packers to cage the Lions..and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Don't get me wrong. I am so very grateful for the wonderful Packers season and I seriously can't wait to settle in for the NFC Divisional Playoff game in LAMBEAU FIELD of all places coming up the weekend of January 12 -13. (Game day and time tbd in the coming week or so. It would be hysterical if the game falls at 3pm CST on Sunday, January 13, as the hot tween star, Hannah Montana will be taking the stage at Milwaukee's Bradley Center at 4p on the same day!)

Here is the issue. I can't get over the Packers performance in Chicago. The whole team, both sides of the ball, seemed totally out of it. Out of steam. Disinterested. Al Harris, who is usually so ROCK solid was so far off his opponent it was silly. Packers' Coach Mike McCarthy had some thoughts on his game plan, "I did not like some of the positions I put Brett in, in the second half of that game. I felt if we were able to line up and run the ball in a 30, 35-plus attempt game, that was clearly the course that I wanted to take. It did not work out that way." Again, the weather was out of control and I so feel for those guys just trying to move that odd shaped ball down the field, but guys, we need to see the passion heading in to this last regular season game and straight into the post-season. You have a first-round bye, home field advantage and the most-loyal, hard-core fans around supporting your journey to the Super Bowl.

So we sit two days before kickoff against the Detroit Lions and with an ass whoopin', I will calm down and feel WAY better about how January will go for MY, ok, OUR Green Bay Packers.

And as far as the picture goes for this post; I had to give my little butterfingers' quarterback a little jab. We will be back in full cutie, patootie mode after a win this weekend. K?


Thursday, December 27, 2007

It took awhile, but I am back...Packers Superfandom Back at it

I just couldn't bring myself to write about the debauchery witnessed in Chicago Sunday when the Packers played the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. My first emotion was, "poor Brett, poor Packers, this weather is ridiculous - the wind is blowing a million miles an hour." Then reality set in, realizing the Chicago Bears and their Earl look-alike quarterback didn't seem to be having ANY of the problems the Green Bay Packers seemed to be having. Could the weather only be wreaking havoc on my green and gold? Were the football gods trying to say something after the Dallas Cowboys tease the night prior? The Panthers could have beat the stinkin' Cowboys only to have the Packers lose the next day. What would have been worse? I don't know. I guess in the end the important thing is that the Packers and Brett Favre put the beat down on the Detroit Lions when they come to Green Bay and play on Lambeau Field Sunday. The Packers fans and the Packers themselves need to feel the momentum again. The Super Bowl momentum. You know, just because the Cowboys have home field advantage should they make it to the NFC Championship game, doesn't guarantee them a win in the divisional playoff game. These two things are unrelated. It's a whole new game come January.

Speaking of January; Have you priced out your Green Bay Packers tickets for the NFC Divisional Playoff game? They aren't cheap, but they really aren't all that more expensive than the regular season Packers games have been this year. Should we be so lucky to witness the NFC Championship game in Lambeau; I would suspect Packers tickets to reach crazy numbers. Really though, can you put a price on fun?
Have you seen the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine? There is a great article about Brett Favre and Greg Jennings. Some nice pictures too, if you know what I'm saying....


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Packers heading to St. Louis for a weekend romp

What do they say? What happens in St. Louis stays in St. Louis? Something like that. Let's hope the Packers leave the Rams in the dust on Sunday. You know, just to keep the ball rolling. You don't want to clinch the division then lay down. Considering the fact that if the Packers win the remaining three regular season NFL games, they will set a franchise record of 14 wins in the regular season. Pretty cool stuff considering the history.

The Green Bay Packers have won six of the last nine regular season games against St. Louis. However, the most recent contest, in 2006, the Packers came up short. Ya, that was a great time at Lambeau Field for me. You can't win them all and this season has MORE than made up for the start of the last couple Packers' seasons!

What else is going on in the NFL? Well, those pesky Dallas Cowboys are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles then have two games on the road to finish out their regular season. What are the odds they drop two? The Packers had things looking pretty good this past weekend, only to watch the Detroit Lions fall apart. Or was it that the Cowboys were that good? Knowing the Packers may be playing the Cowboys again for the NFC Championship title, I will go with the former.


PS - got my Sports Illustrated today. HELLO!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

What a great Packers game!

My husband came home with the biggest grin on his face after spending the day in Green Bay at Lambeau Field watching the Packers Raiders game. While I watched the Packer win on TV, all I could do was think of all the people who had Packers tickets to this game. Prior to the game you would think that this wouldn't be a "great" game given Favre's injury from the Packers Cowboys game coupled with the playoff picture looking pretty clear for the Packers, but fans experienced an AWESOME game filled with great plays on all sides of the field - offense, defense and special teams. Seeing the Packers have fun was so enjoyable, although I was a little worried when Mike McCarthy kept Favre in the game when the Packers held such a comfortable lead.

Brett Favre looked great. No obvious issues as far as his arm or shoulder goes. Speaking of looking great; have you seen the packers press conference after the game with Favre wearing his camouflage hat? Seriously. Wow. Few things beat a man in a nice suit and apparently one of them is a camo hat. Who knew?

It sure stunk to watch the score of the Detroit Lions Dallas Cowboys game at the bottom of my TV screen. Watch the lead slip, slip, slip away until finally the Cowboys eeaked out a win over the Lions. It was so close!! Yes, the Packers clinched the Division, but a Cowboys loss would have had them just a little bit closer to possibly hosting the NFC Division Championship game at Lambeau, if we would all be so lucky to even be playing in the game. Do you like the use of "we"?

And hey der guy, don't look now, but the Minnesota Vikings are trying to make something of their season. At minimum, it will give my friend to the north something to write about on his Minnesota Vikings blog. Of all the professional sports though, the NFL is the one which can change overnight, so I won't get too cocky about my NFC North Division Championship Green Bay Packers. No I won't.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Are you kidding me?

Sports Illustrated's cover picture of Packers QB Brett Favre announcing him as their pick for Sportsman of the Year is one for the scrapbook.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Brett Favre Everyone's Sportsman of the Year; Not Just Mine!

Sports Illustrated announced that their pick for 2007's Sportsman of the Year was none other than Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre!

Could one ask for a better St. Nick present than that cover picture of #4 looking better than ever??? (Will post picture asap) I guess after reading others' thoughts on the subject, the answer is yes. They say "uninspired choice", "what a joke", "surprise, an NFL player". WHATEVER. Brett Favre has lead this Packers team to a 10-2 record in a season he wasn't too certain would end with a .500 record. Brett Favre is THE face of the nation's NFL team. He has started every game for the Packers since 1992! That is so unparallelled it's crazy. Favre deserves this cover, this title and the Super Bowl ring he will earn in February! Get your Green Bay Packers tickets for the Super Bowl now! The weather is mcuh better in AZ than in GB!!!


Monday, December 03, 2007

Brett Favre Leads Pro Bowl Vote

My quarterback, errr, our quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, one Mr. Brett Favre is leading the NFL Pro Bowl vote. Trailing him by 46,000 votes is another piece of eye candy, quarterback Tom Brady. Football fans have until Tuesday, December 11 to vote either on or via their Sprint Wireless telephone.

Here is the list of the Top 10 vote-getters as listed on the NFL site.

NFL All-Star Top 10 vote-getters

Brett Favre, Packers
Tom Brady, Patriots
Payton Manning, Colts
Randy Moss, Patriots
Tony Romo, Cowboys
Adrian Peterson, Vikings
Joseph Addai, Colts
Terrell Owens, Cowboys
LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers
Devin Hester, Bears