Thursday, December 27, 2007

It took awhile, but I am back...Packers Superfandom Back at it

I just couldn't bring myself to write about the debauchery witnessed in Chicago Sunday when the Packers played the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. My first emotion was, "poor Brett, poor Packers, this weather is ridiculous - the wind is blowing a million miles an hour." Then reality set in, realizing the Chicago Bears and their Earl look-alike quarterback didn't seem to be having ANY of the problems the Green Bay Packers seemed to be having. Could the weather only be wreaking havoc on my green and gold? Were the football gods trying to say something after the Dallas Cowboys tease the night prior? The Panthers could have beat the stinkin' Cowboys only to have the Packers lose the next day. What would have been worse? I don't know. I guess in the end the important thing is that the Packers and Brett Favre put the beat down on the Detroit Lions when they come to Green Bay and play on Lambeau Field Sunday. The Packers fans and the Packers themselves need to feel the momentum again. The Super Bowl momentum. You know, just because the Cowboys have home field advantage should they make it to the NFC Championship game, doesn't guarantee them a win in the divisional playoff game. These two things are unrelated. It's a whole new game come January.

Speaking of January; Have you priced out your Green Bay Packers tickets for the NFC Divisional Playoff game? They aren't cheap, but they really aren't all that more expensive than the regular season Packers games have been this year. Should we be so lucky to witness the NFC Championship game in Lambeau; I would suspect Packers tickets to reach crazy numbers. Really though, can you put a price on fun?
Have you seen the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine? There is a great article about Brett Favre and Greg Jennings. Some nice pictures too, if you know what I'm saying....


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