Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Brett Favre Everyone's Sportsman of the Year; Not Just Mine!

Sports Illustrated announced that their pick for 2007's Sportsman of the Year was none other than Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre!

Could one ask for a better St. Nick present than that cover picture of #4 looking better than ever??? (Will post picture asap) I guess after reading others' thoughts on the subject, the answer is yes. They say "uninspired choice", "what a joke", "surprise, an NFL player". WHATEVER. Brett Favre has lead this Packers team to a 10-2 record in a season he wasn't too certain would end with a .500 record. Brett Favre is THE face of the nation's NFL team. He has started every game for the Packers since 1992! That is so unparallelled it's crazy. Favre deserves this cover, this title and the Super Bowl ring he will earn in February! Get your Green Bay Packers tickets for the Super Bowl now! The weather is mcuh better in AZ than in GB!!!


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