Friday, November 30, 2007


Brett Favre on Sidelines Doesn't Work for Me

I am so sad about last night's Packers Cowboys game. While I recognize there were some bright spots (Aaron Rodgers) for the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys are a darn good football team, it still is so disappointing. I don't have all the football lingo, but it sure seems like the game plan Mike McCarthy put together didn't make sense given the Packers lead the NFL in points after the throw. They don't need to throw the long ball so often. I guess that is where they saw some cracks in the Cowboys' defense. Unfortunately for the Packers, there were very few cracks in the Cowboys' offense. Terrell Owens and his stupid popcorn antics can take a long walk off a short pier. There was a little smile on my face when Mr. Butterfingers tossed up the sure thing catch in the end zone to my guy who happened to be having a tough night, Al Harris.

This game played out in many ways exactly as people had expected. Except for the Favre injury of course. No one speaks of such things happening. Right away it was all about scoring back and forth. Tony Romo hit a wall once Rodgers came in, but they were still able to hang on for the win.

Now it is a waiting game. Should Brett Favre rest for the Packers Raiders game regardless of how good his left shoulder and right arm feel? Should he suit up for one snap just to keep his 249 regular season starting record alive? Is this a game of team or individual accomplishments? I am conflicted. Having already bought my Packers tickets for the next game, I sure would selfishly like to see Brett play, but is it a smart move given the Packers 10-2 (that hurts to type) record and likely post-season play?

I might need a fresh cup of coffee to tackle the mess that was the NFL Network's attempt at broadcasting and announcing an NFL game. Off I go.

Go Packers!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

OMG I Could Hardly Sleep! It's GAME Day

Kickoff is in 5 hours. The Packers Cowboys game in Dallas at Texas Stadium marks another opportunity for Favre and the Packers to win a game down there. The last time a Packers team won there was in 1989. As the starting quarterback, Favre is 0-8 against the Dallas Cowboys when the Packers are the road team. Texas Stadium along with nine other stadiums are on Favre's list of zero wins thus far in his career. Earlier this season he was able to cross off the Kansas City Chiefs with a win November 4, 2007.

Tonight marks the second meeting of two 10-1 NFL teams in 37 years! When the Green Bay Packers win they will secure their spot in the post-season.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mayors Bet on Game

So good - the Mayor of Dallas and the Mayor of Green Bay, WI have a bet on tonight's Packers Cowboys game. Do I need to even say that it involves cheese and brats???

Texas better get ready to put on a few pounds as they have some serious food coming there way after Favre puts the hammer down on Romo and the 'boys.

Packers win over Lions great way to head in to Dallas

Sure it was close for awhile last Thursday and sure, it looked a little ugly in the first quarter, but bottom line, the Packers won and Favre won the Turkey trophy. The Green Bay Packers are, however, a little banged up. Charles Woodson has his toe issue. Hopefully a nice shot of magic NFL potion will help that. Right tackle Mark Tauscher sat out of practice this week to let his ankle rest. This Packers Cowboys game is so big I would think these guys will find a little something extra to gut it out.

Check out "Welcome to Dallas" on for a little taste of Texas.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Packers gear up to take on the Cowboys

The Green Bay Packers are ready to play their second game in a row on a Thursday as they head to Dallas to take on the Dallas Cowboys. WHAT A GAME! Both of these NFC teams sit at 10-1 heading in to the game. Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, a Wisconsin native, grew up watching and idolizing Packers Quarterback Brett Favre. It will be a great matchup. Could even be a peak in to the NFC Championship game! Packers Cowboys tickets are going for a small fortune as fans of America's two teams buy their plane tickets to see this game firsthand. It will be a little warmer than the Ice Bowl I suppose. And Romo is ready to play better ball than he did earlier in the year. has a little post on "A Tale of Two Quarterbacks". Both awfully cute AND talented; but I gotta go with my boy Favre on this one. The Packers may be underdogs, but they have won 14 of their last 15 games, including a seven road game winning streak. They will keep this rolling on through the Lonestar State.

Oh, but wait - you might miss the game if you don't have the NFL Network or live in Milwaukee, Green Bay or Dallas. THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE NFL SEASON!! The NFL sure likes to play hardball. Yes, one can leave their comfy house and watch the game at local watering hole, but I can name a number of people I personally know that this is not an option.

There are few reasons to be thankful I like in Milwaukee. This Thursday, I will mark one of them as I watch the Packers embarrass the Cowboys from the comfort of my living room.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving in Detroit

Detroit being ranked the most dangerous city in America doesn't concern the Green Bay Packers. They are ready to defend their position at the top of the NFC North Division as they hit Ford Field tomorrow at 11:30 cst.

There will be many a turkey dinner being planned around a Thanksgiving Day kickoff. I know in my house we will dine just after the Packers kick the Lions' ass. My prediction 31 - 0 Packers.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Green Bay Press-Gazette reports Arrest Trends at Lambeau

Some trends emerge from the data on the people arrested during the last 38 Packers games at Lambeau Field.

            • Half are age 25 or younger.

            • 85 percent are from outside Brown County.

            • 60 percent end up in the Brown County Jail for at least a few hours.

            • The average blood-alcohol level was 0.16 percent, double the legal limit to drive.Only eight people were sober, and 17 people refused to take the alcohol test.

            Packers Silence Panthers Growl

            As they say, on any given Sunday the favorite can lay an egg. The favorite can make an underdog look like a first place team. I think there were a few Packers fans who were a touch concerned going in to the Packers Panthers game 8-1, the Packers would go in a bit cocky, a bit too relaxed; but the concern dissipated with the Packers defense picking Testaverde's throw super early in the first quarter. While the Packers offense wasn't able to turn the interception in to points, it set the tone early and got the Lambeau crowd up on their feet. (A tough feet. No pun intended.)
            The Green Bay Packers now have the best start since 1962! Mike McCarthy must just want to pinch himself! He doesn't have time to relax though, as the Packers head to Motown for a Thanksgiving Day game against division opponents the Detroit Lions. Thankfully the New York Giants were able to hold off the Lions in yesterday's game. This loss keeps the Packers in an even more comfortable lead in the NFC Central standings. Let's not speak too loudly as the Pack does have to play the Lions both away and at home, leaving a problem for the Packers if they happen to lose both of those game. Let us cross this bridge when we have to.
            One of the more exciting plays from Sunday's game in Green Bay was the 94 yard return on a Panthers' pooch punt by Packers' Tramon Williams. It fell just one yard short of tying a Packers record.
            When Mike McCarthy was asked by a reporter if he was proud of this Packers team, he replied, "You have to acknowledge any time you accomplish something that's part of your base plan, your base vision. I am proud of the way our players are improving and staying focused. We are playing to who we are. We don't get outside of ourselves too often. We need to continue that mindset as we move forward."
            9-1 doesn't help Green Bay Packers tickets prices for those looking to buy a loved one a holiday gift. The only two regular season home games left to choose from are on 12/9 against the Oakland Raiders and on 12/30 against the Detroit Lions. I know my husband would freak if I surprised him with Packers tickets. Hey, I would freak if he surprised me with tickets.
            Maybe Santa will set me up? I have been very, very good....

            Saturday, November 17, 2007

            Packers Panthers Game Heating Up

            It's a couple hours before the Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers take the field at Lambeau and people are fired up. All of the deerhunters have left town and all of the female Packers fans have come to town to cheer on their favorite team with the hottest QB. Green Bay Packers tickets were much cheaper a few days ago as I just experienced going in to a local ticket brokers' office. They were almost out of tickets for the game. I thought this was the cheap Packers game to go to? I guess 8-1 will do that to a ya.

            Well, let's see if we can hold the Panthers to a big goose egg tomorrow. Weather report for Green Bay for tomorrow isn't all that exciting. I have seen snowflakes fall the last two days. As long as the rain hold off, I will be ok.

            Go Packers!

            Thursday, November 15, 2007


            FedEx has their weekly "Vote for your Favorite Air & Ground Player in the NFL" contest going and looky looky who is on the list: Mr. Brett Favre and Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers. Favre has already won this contest three weeks of this NFL Season. Fourth time is a charm.

            VOTE NOW!!!


            Wednesday, November 14, 2007

            Packers win over Vikings -- Way Too Sweet

            It has taken me a few days to get over just how fun and exciting the Green Bay Packer vs. Minnesota Vikings game was this past Sunday. Well, that and I was a bit hungover. The Vikings fans were out in Green Bay en masse. They came with their super lame purple boa's and silly Helga hats. Nice try folks. I will admit the rivalry does add a little magic to the day.

            This being the last Milwaukee Green Bay Packers ticket holder game of the season; the fans were leaving Milwaukee early in the morning, driving the two hours as the sun rose over Lake Michigan to Lambeau Field.

            The Green Bay Packers worked efficiently and effectively on both sides of the ball. They held the Vikings to ZERO points; a feat which hadn't been done to the Minnesota Vikings since 1991! Headlines have read "Nearly Perfect Packers", "Favre, Packers Torch Vikings" or simply "Packers 34, Vikings 0" from the AP.

            Brett Favre passed another milestone Sunday, joining Dan Marino as the only quarterbacks in N.F.L. history to throw for more than 60,000 career yards.

            Monday, November 05, 2007

            7-1 feels Pretty Good

            The Green Bay Packers are on a roll. Too bad the big, fat, dumb-butt Chicago Bears had to spoil the party (just momentarily) earlier this season. Our Packers are 7-1 and have won a million road trips in a row! Incredible!

            The Packers went on to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a great game yesterday in Kansas City. It was not looking so great for awhile there. The low scoring game was quickly changed with something like 35 points scored between the two teams in the 4th quarter. Charles Woodson sealed the deal, intercepting the ball and running it in for a touchdown.

            As was the case on Monday night in Denver, it appeared there were a ton of Packers fans in attendance. They were having a blast! The weather was great and the Packers won; what more do you need? I bet the beer was cold and the barbecue was outstanding!

            I watched the scores of a few of the other games yesterday. I didn't like watching the Detroit Lions as they chewed up the Denver Broncos. Nor did I enjoy the crazy numbers that running back in Minnesota put on the boards for the Vikings. I believe a new NFL record - 297 yards rushing!

            It is ok. The Packers defense will be able to stop them as the Minnesota Vikings come to Lambeau this Sunday afternoon November 11 to play the Packers. The weather report says 53 and partly cloudy; much improved from last years' meeting when it poured and poured. And I mean a COLD rain. Yuck!