Friday, November 30, 2007

Brett Favre on Sidelines Doesn't Work for Me

I am so sad about last night's Packers Cowboys game. While I recognize there were some bright spots (Aaron Rodgers) for the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys are a darn good football team, it still is so disappointing. I don't have all the football lingo, but it sure seems like the game plan Mike McCarthy put together didn't make sense given the Packers lead the NFL in points after the throw. They don't need to throw the long ball so often. I guess that is where they saw some cracks in the Cowboys' defense. Unfortunately for the Packers, there were very few cracks in the Cowboys' offense. Terrell Owens and his stupid popcorn antics can take a long walk off a short pier. There was a little smile on my face when Mr. Butterfingers tossed up the sure thing catch in the end zone to my guy who happened to be having a tough night, Al Harris.

This game played out in many ways exactly as people had expected. Except for the Favre injury of course. No one speaks of such things happening. Right away it was all about scoring back and forth. Tony Romo hit a wall once Rodgers came in, but they were still able to hang on for the win.

Now it is a waiting game. Should Brett Favre rest for the Packers Raiders game regardless of how good his left shoulder and right arm feel? Should he suit up for one snap just to keep his 249 regular season starting record alive? Is this a game of team or individual accomplishments? I am conflicted. Having already bought my Packers tickets for the next game, I sure would selfishly like to see Brett play, but is it a smart move given the Packers 10-2 (that hurts to type) record and likely post-season play?

I might need a fresh cup of coffee to tackle the mess that was the NFL Network's attempt at broadcasting and announcing an NFL game. Off I go.

Go Packers!

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