Monday, October 30, 2006

Click for Cans- HELP!!!

Click below and vote for the Pack!

Don't let the Bears win....such fair-weather fans....geez.
WOW! To have only been in the other end zone....where my boy did his first Lambeau Leap!

How fun!

It really is a great way to start the week - with a Packer win...even though it hurts the draft pick(or so my husband says - don't really follow that stuff until it REALLY matters...)...Don't care - like to see a W.

While we are on the subject of WI football...I had a double-header this weekend...the Badger game on Sat. The wind was ridiculous. That is my assessment - they would have beat the 22 point spread had Mother Nature not interfered! The students were a riot as usually...the F-U, Eat Sh*T doesn't grow old. Maybe that is more telling about me than need be...

Costumes - lots of Waldo's, a few Thing 1 and Thing 2's, Elvis, 1/2 man 1/2 horse, couple dw's dressed up as "kitty cats"/ "angels" / "devils" (whatever, you get the idea). There was the guy dressed like a bottle of Jack. A Napoleon here, Sesame Street's Bert there...all in all a great day in Madison!

The Packers hit the road and the Badgers have Penn State this weekend in Madison. Let's put the pumpkins and damn Halloween candy away and let's get ready for some football!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Packers at Lambeau this Weekend

It looks like I will be going up to Lambeau Sun to catch Favre in action....Really, is there a better way to spend the afternoon?

It would be super fun to bring my little one but the rule at Lambeau is, if you have a social security #, you need a ticket...She's great, but probably not ready for "the experience".

Halloween is just around the corner...I am sure folks will bring the goods to the game. Although there is the one guy always in full gear....Vatican gear, that is....moving on...

With the World Series games consistently on in my house, I have found it enjoyable to read the signs people have - tonight's one that caught my attention (not really knowing any of the players (sorry)), said something to the effect of "Hot Soup for a Cold Night" referencing the Card's player Suppan...Funny.
At least it wasn't...
F irst time!
O h so
X cited!!! Go Team!

although with the networks being in such need of promotion time....

OK - big game this weekend... knock-out pools, should all have the Packers as the no-brainer pick.

And people pay big money for this stuff....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Morning After the Morning After

My team, the Green Bay Packers have hit their stride. They are the glue that hold Wisconsin together. Sure the mighty (?) Bears are miles to the south, but where is their heart? Just remembering Favre popping DD on his shoulder Sunday brings a smile to my face! The joy those fellas were experiencing certainly helped them forget that, darnitall, their (our?) record stands at just 2-4.

Sure it's been 10 years since we poured on to the streets of Madison, in my case (feel free to insert hometown here), wanting to share the news with our neighbors, that yes, the Green Bay Packers, would return to the Super Bowl. The years may have passed, but the water stills runs green and gold in Wisconsin. If I may be so bold as to speak for the state, we still think there could be a fairy tale ending to Brett's career. Some miracles here, some non-career ending injuries there...and we are all set.

Ok, moving on...I think it is in our best interest to bring some intensity for the home team. Having been lucky enough to enjoy games at the hallowed Lambeau Field, I feel there is some room for improvement when it comes to the crowd. There are the folks who are first-timers - so excited - they are screaming at the top of their lungs when it's 3rd and 10 and the PACKERS have the ball! Errrrrr.....Or the other end of the equation are those lifers who might benefit from some solid couch time and flat screen to catch the game at home. They seem to have lost their passion. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe these folks are SO passionate, they have to sit on their hands to keep from crying? I will continue to develop my theory.

Nonetheless, greetings from Green Bay Packer land...peace out!