Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Packers at Lambeau this Weekend

It looks like I will be going up to Lambeau Sun to catch Favre in action....Really, is there a better way to spend the afternoon?

It would be super fun to bring my little one but the rule at Lambeau is, if you have a social security #, you need a ticket...She's great, but probably not ready for "the experience".

Halloween is just around the corner...I am sure folks will bring the goods to the game. Although there is the one guy always in full gear....Vatican gear, that is....moving on...

With the World Series games consistently on in my house, I have found it enjoyable to read the signs people have - tonight's one that caught my attention (not really knowing any of the players (sorry)), said something to the effect of "Hot Soup for a Cold Night" referencing the Card's player Suppan...Funny.
At least it wasn't...
F irst time!
O h so
X cited!!! Go Team!

although with the networks being in such need of promotion time....

OK - big game this weekend... knock-out pools, should all have the Packers as the no-brainer pick.

And people pay big money for this stuff....

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