Thursday, April 26, 2007

Green Bay Packers Complete 2007 Schedule


Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Green Bay Packers
Heinz Field Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday 8/11/2007 7:30 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Seattle Seahawks
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Saturday 8/18/2007 7:00 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Thursday 8/23/2007 8:00 PM

Tennessee Titans Vs. Green Bay Packers
LP Field (Formerly The Coliseum) Nashville, TN
Thursday 8/30/2007 7:00 PM

GREEN BAY PACKERS 2007 NFL SCHEDULE (or as I like to refer to it, the road to the Super Bowl)

Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 9/9/2007 12:00 PM

New York Giants Vs. Green Bay Packers
Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ
Sunday 9/16/2007 1:00 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. San Diego Chargers
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 9/23/2007 12:00 PM

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Green Bay Packers
Metrodome Minneapolis, MN
Sunday 9/30/2007 12:00 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Chicago Bears
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 10/7/2007 7:15 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Washington Redskins
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 10/14/2007 12:00 PM

Denver Broncos Vs. Green Bay Packers
Invesco Field At Mile High Denver, CO
Monday 10/29/2007 6:30 PM

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Green Bay Packers
Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City, MO
Sunday 11/4/2007 11:00 AM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Minnesota Vikings
Lambeau FieldGreen Bay, WI
Sunday 11/11/2007 12:00 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Carolina Panthers
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 11/18/2007 12:00 PM

Detroit Lions Vs. Green Bay Packers
Ford Field Detroit, MI
Thursday 11/22/2007 11:30 AM

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers
Texas Stadium Irving, TX
Thursday 11/29/2007 7:15 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Oakland Raiders
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 12/9/2007 12:00 PM

St. Louis Rams Vs. Green Bay Packers
Edward Jones Dome Saint Louis, MO
Sunday 12/16/2007 11:00 AM

Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers
Soldier Field Stadium Chicago, IL
Sunday 12/23/2007 12:00 PM

Green Bay Packers Vs. Detroit Lions
Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI
Sunday 12/30/2007 12:00 PM

NFL Draft and the Green and Gold

I really am in over my head on this NFL Draft talk and what the Green Bay Packers will or won't do....Can't sink my teeth in to it? As Steve Czaben said today, the draft is really an excuse for men to try to sound like an expert and that teams just need to pick a player they think is a good fit for the needs. The first year the draftee hits the field for their new team, it is unlikely he will be an impact player. Depth. Rounds. Scheme. Football Intelligence. Stock. 40-yard dash. Trades.

I don't know. I just know that once this weekend is over, the Green Bay Packers and my Brett Favre can get to business and focus on how they are going to win 14 games this season and go all the way to the Super Bowl. But will it be with Randy Moss???????

The schedule looks rough. It always does; no? (I can't remember the last time the NFL schedule came out and people were like, "piece of cake"!)

Isn't that the beauty of the NFL?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Say it isn't so...

Emotions will run high again at the end of this NFL season for #4 of the Green Bay Packers....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nick Barnett Going the Distance with the Packers

It became official on Tuesday, that rather than seeking out free agency, starting middle linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, Nick Barnett will quite possibly play his entire career for the Green and Gold.

Nick Barnett has and will continue to work hard on and off the field for the Packers. He is considered a leader on defense. Barnett has said that he feels blessed to be in a position to play for one team for his career, as very few players do.

As a Green Bay Packers fan, I applaud his decision and the Packers decision to extend a long-term deal Barnett's way.

Hey, more good news...only 2 1/2 hours to go until the Green Bay Packers 2007 schedule is confirmed!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Preseason Green Bay Packers Games Finalized

2007 Preseason Packers Schedule:

Saturday August 11 at Pittsburgh Steelers 6:30pm (CST)
Saturday August 18 vs Seattle Seahawks 7:00pm (CST)
Thursday August 23 vs Jacksonville Jaguars 7:00pm (CST)
Thursday August 30 at Tennessee Titans 7:00pm (CST)

Green Bay Packers Tickets are ALWAYS cheaper for these games. Go with the family!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Green Bay Packers 2007 Schedule

Here we are at the start of April.... this means that we will know VERY SOON the Packers 2007 season. You name it - pre-season, home games, away games, post-season (ok, not post-season, but say it with me....Your Super Bowl-bound Green Bay Packers). We do already know the two home pre-season wins at Lambeau Field will come at the hands of Mike Holmgren's Seattle Seahawks and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Remember, my experience has been that the pre-season Packers games are great to take the kids to...ticket prices are lower for these games and the beer consumption seems the follow that same trend. I have had luck with a local Wisconsin ticket broker, vs going the ebay direction or national ticket company. There is one right on Oneida Street in Green Bay, WI. You can pick up your Green Bay Packers tickets right at Ticket King.