Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Green Bay Packers Family Night 101

I think it is safe to say the intra-squad scrimmage between the Green Bay Packers offense and defense is the most well-attended of it's kind. In 2006, the event attracted 62,701 Packers fans to Lambeau Field! Attendance has grown each of it's seven years; in 1999, just 46,420 bought tickets!

This year the game will be played on August 4th. Packers Family Night also includes on-field football drills and a "Shirt Off Our Back" drawing where 20 jerseys worn by Green Bay Packers players during the scrimmage are raffled off.

Green Bay Packers' Family Night tickets will go on sale on Saturday, June 16 through TicketStar outlets. Fans can find outlets through the Packers website or by calling the Green Bay Packers ticket office at 920-494-3401 or 800-895-0071. Tickets are just $8! Perfect for taking the whole family to Lambeau Field!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Those Lucky Brown Country Residents...Pay Up!

If you are one of the lucky Brown County residents whose name was picked in the Green Bay Packers lottery for the opportunity to buy Green Bay Packers tickets to an upcoming game at Lambeau Field; payment is due tomorrow.

If you are near the Green Bay Packers' ticket office, you can drop off payment there from 9a-5p or you can send in payment, but the envelope needs to be postmarked by the 30th of May.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bart's a Packers Fan.

Good Times....In the METRODOME????

While it is true the Green Bay Packers lost the game against the Minnesota Vikings to a last minute field goal on that fateful Sunday afternoon in 2005, I do have to admit it still was fun! It was an unexpected surprise that a group of Packers fans from Wisconsin met up with (can it be?) Vikings fans and had a great weekend.

If you can, I think planning to check out a Packers away game each year is a SUPER idea. The language and wasted energy the Vikings (in this example) fans will expel on you is worth the price of admission. We sat amongst the purple-clad Minnesotans who sure thought they were something special in their way-too-loud, depressing, no-history-having DOME. Again though, pretty fun. Having been to a number of games at Lambeau against our division-rivals, I feel pretty comfortable saying we are the more amiable of the two hosts.

Like I said it was a last minute trip, which was to our pocketbooks' benefit as the tickets for the Packers Vikings game was totally fair. We bought our tickets from a company called Minnesota Vikings Tickets who were super nice and priced right. The bigger expense came at that darn Mall of America! My advice, buy Vikings tickets in advance of your road trip on before spending ticket money at the best DSW I have ever been to!

The upcoming game on the 2007-2008 Green Bay Packers schedule which seems like an obvious choice for me is to get a dose of the Bears' fans at the Packers Bears game at Soldier Field on December 23. Who's in?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What did I miss?

Well, the month of May continues to fly by....Brett Favre was particularly busy with his party-planning business. Who knew he could create centerpieces and hor'devours?

Turns out Martha Stewart, Favre isn't...he passed on kitchen duty (and the potential fines the Green Bay Packers were going to impose) and showed up in Green Bay for the first mandatory mini-camp this past weekend. Even though he is still recovering from having bone spurs removed from his ankle this past February, Favre could have hit the field during the camp, but was held out for precautionary reasons. Brett has said that he intends on getting himself in the best shape of his career for the upcoming season. With his 38th birthday around the corner, Favre's body will only thank him on Monday's for the preparation today. On a personal note, I want my Green Bay Packers tickets at Lambeau Field in Sec 120, Row 1 to check out this, errr, preparation!

Wait, is there a pink elephant in this post.... no mention of Brett Favre's alleged comment about requesting to be traded by the Green and Gold?

No there isn't. As I believe in my heart of hearts, that Brett would NEVER speak of such an atrocity!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

UW's Stocco on the Packers roster?

According to Green Bay Packers Coach, Mike McCarthy, UW-Wisconsin Quarterback, John Stocco was to get three practices with the Packers and from there McCarthy would make a decision to extend an offer to him. As of May 4, Mike McCarthy said he was impressed with Stocco's performance, but would need to talk through the options and possible make a decision by today, May 6.

As the current rookie's gather in Green Bay to take a look at the playbook, get acquainted with the town and take in a bit of the Green Bay Packers incredible history, Brett Favre (hopefully) can rest easy knowing this will be the team that goes back to the Super Bowl.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Draft Dodging and the Packers

Like I stated previously, I don't really have the time to fully analyze the NFL draft like dudes do, BUT I do have a good enough understanding of what it was the Green Bay Packers were missing on the field last season to know that when the team announced it's first round pick was a defensive lineman in Justin Harrell out of Tennessee, there was going to be controversy.

It boils down to philosophy. Pick the best player available, regardless of position, at the time of your pick. Pick the player who will fill your highest priority need when your pick is up. Or draft a player who you might be able to use to negotiate with. Is more, better when it comes to defensive weapons? Is Brett Favre all it takes to bring the offensive line up to a competitive level 100% of the time?

The expectations EVERY SINGLE SEASON with Green Bay Packers fans is that this team is going, at minimum to the NFL Playoffs. Will the moves, or lack of moves made by Packer GM, Ted Thompson in this off-season help to meet fans' expectations? Only time will tell.