Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Times....In the METRODOME????

While it is true the Green Bay Packers lost the game against the Minnesota Vikings to a last minute field goal on that fateful Sunday afternoon in 2005, I do have to admit it still was fun! It was an unexpected surprise that a group of Packers fans from Wisconsin met up with (can it be?) Vikings fans and had a great weekend.

If you can, I think planning to check out a Packers away game each year is a SUPER idea. The language and wasted energy the Vikings (in this example) fans will expel on you is worth the price of admission. We sat amongst the purple-clad Minnesotans who sure thought they were something special in their way-too-loud, depressing, no-history-having DOME. Again though, pretty fun. Having been to a number of games at Lambeau against our division-rivals, I feel pretty comfortable saying we are the more amiable of the two hosts.

Like I said it was a last minute trip, which was to our pocketbooks' benefit as the tickets for the Packers Vikings game was totally fair. We bought our tickets from a company called Minnesota Vikings Tickets who were super nice and priced right. The bigger expense came at that darn Mall of America! My advice, buy Vikings tickets in advance of your road trip on before spending ticket money at the best DSW I have ever been to!

The upcoming game on the 2007-2008 Green Bay Packers schedule which seems like an obvious choice for me is to get a dose of the Bears' fans at the Packers Bears game at Soldier Field on December 23. Who's in?

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