Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Draft Dodging and the Packers

Like I stated previously, I don't really have the time to fully analyze the NFL draft like dudes do, BUT I do have a good enough understanding of what it was the Green Bay Packers were missing on the field last season to know that when the team announced it's first round pick was a defensive lineman in Justin Harrell out of Tennessee, there was going to be controversy.

It boils down to philosophy. Pick the best player available, regardless of position, at the time of your pick. Pick the player who will fill your highest priority need when your pick is up. Or draft a player who you might be able to use to negotiate with. Is more, better when it comes to defensive weapons? Is Brett Favre all it takes to bring the offensive line up to a competitive level 100% of the time?

The expectations EVERY SINGLE SEASON with Green Bay Packers fans is that this team is going, at minimum to the NFL Playoffs. Will the moves, or lack of moves made by Packer GM, Ted Thompson in this off-season help to meet fans' expectations? Only time will tell.

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J Kid said...

Teds philosphy is select more players than u have picks! I think Justin Harrell is going to be an absolute stud on the defensive line. This guy has the opportunity to make as big of an impact as Wisconsin Badger kicker John Hall did when he selected by the New York Jets!