Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What did I miss?

Well, the month of May continues to fly by....Brett Favre was particularly busy with his party-planning business. Who knew he could create centerpieces and hor'devours?

Turns out Martha Stewart, Favre isn't...he passed on kitchen duty (and the potential fines the Green Bay Packers were going to impose) and showed up in Green Bay for the first mandatory mini-camp this past weekend. Even though he is still recovering from having bone spurs removed from his ankle this past February, Favre could have hit the field during the camp, but was held out for precautionary reasons. Brett has said that he intends on getting himself in the best shape of his career for the upcoming season. With his 38th birthday around the corner, Favre's body will only thank him on Monday's for the preparation today. On a personal note, I want my Green Bay Packers tickets at Lambeau Field in Sec 120, Row 1 to check out this, errr, preparation!

Wait, is there a pink elephant in this post.... no mention of Brett Favre's alleged comment about requesting to be traded by the Green and Gold?

No there isn't. As I believe in my heart of hearts, that Brett would NEVER speak of such an atrocity!

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J Kid said...

B. Favre is a baby and he has definitely showed his true colors over the last few seasons.