Monday, November 05, 2007

7-1 feels Pretty Good

The Green Bay Packers are on a roll. Too bad the big, fat, dumb-butt Chicago Bears had to spoil the party (just momentarily) earlier this season. Our Packers are 7-1 and have won a million road trips in a row! Incredible!

The Packers went on to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a great game yesterday in Kansas City. It was not looking so great for awhile there. The low scoring game was quickly changed with something like 35 points scored between the two teams in the 4th quarter. Charles Woodson sealed the deal, intercepting the ball and running it in for a touchdown.

As was the case on Monday night in Denver, it appeared there were a ton of Packers fans in attendance. They were having a blast! The weather was great and the Packers won; what more do you need? I bet the beer was cold and the barbecue was outstanding!

I watched the scores of a few of the other games yesterday. I didn't like watching the Detroit Lions as they chewed up the Denver Broncos. Nor did I enjoy the crazy numbers that running back in Minnesota put on the boards for the Vikings. I believe a new NFL record - 297 yards rushing!

It is ok. The Packers defense will be able to stop them as the Minnesota Vikings come to Lambeau this Sunday afternoon November 11 to play the Packers. The weather report says 53 and partly cloudy; much improved from last years' meeting when it poured and poured. And I mean a COLD rain. Yuck!

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