Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh Boy! What a Game!

Monday Night Football in Denver was incredible as the the Denver Broncos and the Packers battled it out until the end. The game goes to overtime with the Packers offense getting the ball first and HELLO, Brett throws the long ball, an 82-yarder, to Greg Jennings for a WIN!

This Packers Broncos game marked the first win for a Packers team in Denver, ever. Toward the very end of the fourth quarter it was not looking like the win was coming for the green and gold, but as we all know the Green Bay Packers sit at 6-1 for the first time in 5 years.

Deanne Favre promoted her new book, "Don't Bet Against Me!: Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer and in Life" in the booth. She was great. She looked great, spoke wonderfully of her family and husband and showed what a true fan she is of the Green Bay Packers. Next up in the booth was Vince Vaughn who, within seconds of speaking, mentioned ESPN's rival the NFL Network. It was pretty funny; he clearly didn't have ill-intent, just was answering their question.

The game itself was a bit more interesting for me, as my husband was in Denver for the game. I was certainly hoping for a Packers win regardless, but with him there, I was hoping for a fun, competitive, lively game. The teams delivered. With the stands filled with a great deal of Packers fans (15,000???), Broncos fans are complaining that as they looked left and right in their season tickets at Invesco Field, there was Green and Gold. Check out this guys comments on, "Too many Packers fans at Broncos game".

The Green Bay Packers will play against the Kansas City Chiefs this coming Sunday in Kansas City. Could this game mark a 7-1 start? Regardless, the New England Patriots will be a tough team to beat.

Go Packers!

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