Monday, November 19, 2007

Packers Silence Panthers Growl

As they say, on any given Sunday the favorite can lay an egg. The favorite can make an underdog look like a first place team. I think there were a few Packers fans who were a touch concerned going in to the Packers Panthers game 8-1, the Packers would go in a bit cocky, a bit too relaxed; but the concern dissipated with the Packers defense picking Testaverde's throw super early in the first quarter. While the Packers offense wasn't able to turn the interception in to points, it set the tone early and got the Lambeau crowd up on their feet. (A tough feet. No pun intended.)
The Green Bay Packers now have the best start since 1962! Mike McCarthy must just want to pinch himself! He doesn't have time to relax though, as the Packers head to Motown for a Thanksgiving Day game against division opponents the Detroit Lions. Thankfully the New York Giants were able to hold off the Lions in yesterday's game. This loss keeps the Packers in an even more comfortable lead in the NFC Central standings. Let's not speak too loudly as the Pack does have to play the Lions both away and at home, leaving a problem for the Packers if they happen to lose both of those game. Let us cross this bridge when we have to.
One of the more exciting plays from Sunday's game in Green Bay was the 94 yard return on a Panthers' pooch punt by Packers' Tramon Williams. It fell just one yard short of tying a Packers record.
When Mike McCarthy was asked by a reporter if he was proud of this Packers team, he replied, "You have to acknowledge any time you accomplish something that's part of your base plan, your base vision. I am proud of the way our players are improving and staying focused. We are playing to who we are. We don't get outside of ourselves too often. We need to continue that mindset as we move forward."
9-1 doesn't help Green Bay Packers tickets prices for those looking to buy a loved one a holiday gift. The only two regular season home games left to choose from are on 12/9 against the Oakland Raiders and on 12/30 against the Detroit Lions. I know my husband would freak if I surprised him with Packers tickets. Hey, I would freak if he surprised me with tickets.
Maybe Santa will set me up? I have been very, very good....

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