Friday, December 28, 2007

Packers to cage the Lions..and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Don't get me wrong. I am so very grateful for the wonderful Packers season and I seriously can't wait to settle in for the NFC Divisional Playoff game in LAMBEAU FIELD of all places coming up the weekend of January 12 -13. (Game day and time tbd in the coming week or so. It would be hysterical if the game falls at 3pm CST on Sunday, January 13, as the hot tween star, Hannah Montana will be taking the stage at Milwaukee's Bradley Center at 4p on the same day!)

Here is the issue. I can't get over the Packers performance in Chicago. The whole team, both sides of the ball, seemed totally out of it. Out of steam. Disinterested. Al Harris, who is usually so ROCK solid was so far off his opponent it was silly. Packers' Coach Mike McCarthy had some thoughts on his game plan, "I did not like some of the positions I put Brett in, in the second half of that game. I felt if we were able to line up and run the ball in a 30, 35-plus attempt game, that was clearly the course that I wanted to take. It did not work out that way." Again, the weather was out of control and I so feel for those guys just trying to move that odd shaped ball down the field, but guys, we need to see the passion heading in to this last regular season game and straight into the post-season. You have a first-round bye, home field advantage and the most-loyal, hard-core fans around supporting your journey to the Super Bowl.

So we sit two days before kickoff against the Detroit Lions and with an ass whoopin', I will calm down and feel WAY better about how January will go for MY, ok, OUR Green Bay Packers.

And as far as the picture goes for this post; I had to give my little butterfingers' quarterback a little jab. We will be back in full cutie, patootie mode after a win this weekend. K?


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