Monday, December 31, 2007

One Quarter is all Favre Needed

He was a man on a mission. Favre took to Lambeau Field Sunday ready to prove to the fans that it truly was the weather in Chicago the week prior that had him and the rest of the Packers all loused up. Within the first minute of the second quarter, the Green Bay Packers went up over the Detroit Lions 21-3. The final score of the Lions Packers game was 34-13, ensuring the Packers end the regular 2007 NFL season with tying a franchise record with 13 overall wins. Ok, not as exciting a the New England Patriots 16 wins, but for me this was a GREAT football season, which doesn't have the finishing touches on it yet.
As far as football fashion goes, you will notice Favre improved his clothing options to a more updated white shirt which defenders weren't as able to pull on as we witnessed in the Packers Bears game. Favre just wore an old school T-shirt which stretched out as the Bears' linemen grabbed at him.
GO PACKERS! What WILL Favre wear for the NFC Divisional Playoff game??? I wonder?

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

Let's hope that all Favre will need is one quarter to put away the first playoff opponent too!