Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Buzzzzzzzzzz Kill.

There it was in black and white (well actually in high def color), Brett Favre getting choked up.

After a great win in Chicago, Brett Favre, legendary QB of the Green Bay Packers, future hall of famer - made it quite clear - retirement is SERIOUSLY in the very near future. It doesn't make sense. Give it one more year Brett!

He may be playing a practical joke on this - the most loyal of fan bases - with his hand shakes and goodbyes. Yeah, that's it.

We shall see.

Let's look to the future. The NFL will release the 2007 schedules in late April. I will be looking with interest as either it will be one last Super Bowl run for 'ol #4 or it will be a train wreck 3-13 season of rebuilding. It will be interesting to see how ticket prices go with this pending retirement. Regardless, I have found it best to deal with a local Wisconsin ticket broker for the best deals on Green Bay Packers tickets.

Brett - get the ankle back to 100%. Send Brittany off to college with a little cash in her pocket and give us just one more year? Please?

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