Monday, June 25, 2007

Green Bay Packers' Brett Favre Closer to Tip Top Shape

While Brett Favre has sat out a few Green Bay Packers team practices, as he has to continue to rest his ankle and now his shoulder which he has said is tendinitis and "nothing serious", he still feels good for the upcoming season. Favre said he is going to continue to work with his personal trainer on core conditioning and move to moving drills to help Favre go back to what made him famous - moving out of pocket.

On, Favre was quoted as saying, "I get tired a lot quicker now than I used to, so after a play I have to be able to regroup and run the next play." It sounds like Brett recognizes his age is catching up with him, but with a little extra hard work and creative conditioning, he can keep tricking his body. I know many folks who still think he looks like a kid, that is for sure!


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J Kid said...

Every year I hear how great of shape B. Favre is in. Prove it! He needs to be a threat to run for me to think he's in such "GREAT SHAPE" the guys to 2 of the oldest moves to rid defenders, he needs a few more!

Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Does he really look like a kid with that much gray hair?