Thursday, August 30, 2007

Green Bay Packers going to Graceland as the 3rd stringers take on the Titans

With the deadline looming (Saturday, September 1 5p CST) for players looking to make the Green Bay Packers 2007 roster, the Titans Packers game tonight doesn't mean a whole lot for fans, but does mean a lot for the players yet to earn a spot on the team.

If the Packers can win this one, which they should, that will put them 3-1 in the preseason. This would be the best start since 2002, when the Packers went on to win the NFC Division and go 12-4.

Packers fans will have just one more chance to see the Green Bay Packer practice, as the last open-to-the-public practice will be held the Tuesday following Labor Day. All Packers practices will be closed to the public through the SUPER BOWL!

Green Bay Packers tickets for the preseason game against the Titans are still available and they are cheap! So go hit the streets of Nashville, TN!

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