Thursday, May 08, 2008

Packers Tickets Scam; Dude Busted

Last season, Ben Huettl screwed a bunch of Packers fans out of the Packers tickets they thought they purchased through his website, In fact, these folks did purchase the tickets, Huettl just chose to take the money and never deliver on the tickets. Nice.

Lesson to people looking to buy Green Bay Packers tickets, or really any tickets to a sold out event; be certain you are buying from a reputable source. Ticket brokers who are reliable are members of the NATB, on Ebay be sure to buy only from sellers with high ratings and a large quantity of transactions. Another lesson is to do your homework. I heard a story of someone looking for Packers tickets on Craigslist, saw some he was interested in and the seller said for him to meet her where ever and she would give him his tickets, now, in May. This is impossible. Packers tickets, nor really any NFL tickets are printed by the teams yet for the upcoming 2008 season. This could have been a bad deal, but thankfully something caused this shopper to be suspicious.

Back to this nice chap Huettl. While he wasn't prosecuted, he has agreed to comply with a number of state sanctions including no options of running a website. He paid the money back to the Packers fans, who ended up buying tickets at a discount from a friendly local Wisconsin ticket broker. The discount was offered when this story was shared. Sounds like a nice deal in a bad situation.

The lesson is to do your homework, work with reputable resellers and understand the delivery on Packers tickets.


Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Big Surprise.

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