Thursday, July 19, 2007

Green Bay Packers Tickets Have Arrived!

I have heard from a few (lucky) pals that the Green Bay Packers Season tickets have arrived in the mail! A very exciting time for folks to divide up the games amongst family members, friends etc...but more often it appears to be a nice opportunity to make a few dollars. Packers season ticket holders can post their tickets on ebay,, and sell them directly to one of the various ticket brokers around. All potential outlets will prove to be a profitable move for the lucky, lucky season ticket holder.

This upcoming season for the Packers really is solid start to finish as far as scheduling goes. Most games are noon starts, with the exception of the Packers Bears game on a Sunday night. This season, Packers fans don't have to weigh time with the family on New Years Eve vs a Packers game at Lambeau Field.

The other thing I have found is that Green Bay Packers tickets make a great gift. I know if I opened a box with two tickets to see Brett Favre and the boys at the frozen tundra, I would be PRETTY happy!

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

Family Night had over 50,000 fans in the stands. Perhaps they should include Family Night in the season ticket package.