Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip to Lambeau listed #53 on list

Jim Caple, a writer from LA TV Station ABC7 has comprised a lengthy list of "the 101 Things All Sports Fans Must Experience Before They Die". Which is kind of a fun read. I of course went looking immediately to see where the Green Bay Packers experience at Lambeau Field ranked on the list.

According to Caple, who live in a town WITHOUT a NFL team, a trip to Lambeau is #53.

He writes, "Green Bay Packers game in the snow (December, Green Bay). Lambeau Field is one of the few NFL stadiums with history and character, and the best time to enjoy the stadium's true flavor is in the depth of winter when the snow is falling, the mercury has plunged to single digits and your body is so numb it feels like you were blindsided by Reggie White."

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

If your not from California you might own some winter clothes so your body is not numb even though it is cold outside.