Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ten Things to do in Wisconsin Prior to the Packer Season

At first I thought I would be a real smart ass for this little time-killer. Given the fact that I am looking out of my window at ten feet of snow and a forecast of 7 degrees, being sincere will take a little more effort. As a lifelong Wisconsinite, or Sconny, I appreciate this place, but can name a million other places I would like to set up shop. There are Packer bars all over, right? No Lambeau Field though without a flight from the beach. So until I can enjoy Brett Favre suited up in his green and gold and watch the Packers stomp all over the competition in fall, here is what I would recommend checking out in my part of Wisconsin - Brew City.

10. World's Largest Music Festival Summerfest will eat up 10 days. Make that 11 to allow for recovery.

9. Train for Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon. I say this every year. It's like The Secret.

8. Do some real damage at Anthroplogie in Milwaukee's Third Ward. There isn't a better store.

7. Given the kid-factor, I anticipate numerous Milwaukee County Zoo and Betty Brinn Children's Museum trips.

6. Harley Davidson's 105th Anniversary Party will be super fun! Bruce Springsteen is playing on Saturday, August 30, 2008 outside the Summerfest grounds.

5. Anticipate the Milwaukee Bucks moves in the NBA draft. Without hope you have nothing. Who said that?

4. Give yourself a little love. Not like that....Take a road trip to remind yourself of that special love you have for Lambeau Field. Road trip to Geeebzzz and have lunch at Curly's Pub.

3. Get outside. The number of beautiful days in Milwaukee is so low, you have to eat each one right up. Plant. Run. Bike. Walk. Swim. Each day.

2. One more road trip. A quick hour drive to Madison will be a treat. It doesn't get much better. The Wisconsin Badgers wouldn't be named a top party school for kicks.

1. I guess we gotta get on board. Brewers fever is coming; I feel it. I am a little achey and sweaty. Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day at Miller Park April 4 is a must do. The bright side is that Milwaukee Brewers tickets are a lot cheaper than Packers tickets!

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

I like option #2 to go to Madison. Start off at Genna's for a quick 4 to 5 predinner drinks. Then go to the Tornado for a sledge hammer dinner. Lastly walk down to Monday's for last 6 to 10 drinks of the night, and don't let me forget a bedtime Gyro.