Friday, February 29, 2008

Eight Minutes of Hell..."Favre Retires" on Packers Site

When I heard the news that the Packers site posted the news that Brett Favre was retiring I was immediately hit with the such sadness. What would I do? What would my future hold? Would Aaron Rodgers ever come close to filling the void left by #4? Would Packers tickets become the easiest get in town? Would Favre want to hang out with me in his spare time?
So many questions. So few answers. The Packers people immediately said the article posted was something they have had "ready" at the end of the last few seasons. It wasn't to be taken as insider information at all, and that a formal announcement from Favre is expected to come within the next week or so.
The Green Bay Packers' new president and CEO, Mark Murphy, earlier this week said that he believes Packers quarterback Brett Favre will return next season.

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