Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Looks Official; Favre Retires

The cruel, cruel world. The news came as I was pulling in to my parking lot at work. What a wonderful way to start a work day! With the terribly sad news of my quarterback, Brett Favre deciding to retire from football and the Green Bay Packers. He has led the team from all of these years. When he first hit the field for the Packers I was graduating from high school and now look at me, all mature and responsible and so on. Just kidding, but when you look at what you have done in your personal life since 1992, it is crazy to think that each of those years, Brett Favre was our quarterback. Packers fans the world over are shedding a collective tear today.

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Heidi said...

I heard about it from a co-worker who had received the news via e-mail. And I'm a woman, who works on a construction site trailer with three other older men and I had to fight the tears in my eyes. How embarrassing.

Dang, I wish he'd give us just ONE more year!