Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brett Favre Press Conference

Reports are that Brett Favre will hold a press conference Thursday to discuss his retirement from football and the Green Bay Packers. Maybe Favre will have a change of heart between now and 11am cst Thursday? Maybe he will hit the podium and say, "Just kidding guys; one more year". That would be awfully crazy, but a welcomed remark. It is a long shot.

The media coverage of Favre's retirement is never ending. Not that I am complaining, but one has to be impressed with the work that print reporters and videographers have done to mark Favre's accomplishments. Hours and hours of primetime television hours were dedicated to his retirement. Thanks to my DVR I will be in good shape for my Favre fix for years to come. Seeing Favre's fashion through the years is a trip! The rolled-up, cut off jean shorts, the sport coat when he announced his rehab trip to the casual fashion of recent years is enjoyable.
I wish Favre and his family nothing but the best, but I sure would love to see a change of heart??? Come on Brett, one more year?
Go Packers!

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