Friday, March 07, 2008

Day One Post Favre Press Conference

WOW. Once set to music by my local Fox affiliate, the Brett Favre retirement press conference brought me straight to tears. I kept my composure at the office as we all listened to Favre speak. Favre was so great. He spoke from the heart, without a word written in front of him, he answered the reporters' questions honestly and unapologetically. Favre said if it just required him on the football field Sunday afternoons, no NFL player would ever retire, but the mental time and energy fully preparing for a successful NFL season was something Favre couldn't commit to. I give him credit for being so honest with himself. Checking his ego. What ego I ask myself? He has been in a unique position, playing arguably the toughest position in all of sports, for the MOST beloved team in all of sports. Ok, in all of football. Yes, that includes the Cowboys. Please.
Brett Favre even said the pressure of this last surprisingly great season piled up and piled up each week so much so that when a game ended one week he started mentally preparing and watching film for the next week's opponent immediately. The sign of a true competitor, yes. But exhausting for sure.
It was great to see Deanna Favre there. She sure has been through a lot. I hope they find their forthcoming quality time together fulfilling. Nothing like retirement to bring a couple together. Right, Mom and Dad?
Now we have to sit and wait. Wait and sit. For Aaron Rodgers. For the Packers. For the first Green Bay Packers game without Brett Favre.
I will miss you Brett!! Have fun hunting and mowing the lawn.


Heidi said...

I bawled my eyes out and I didn't even get to watch it. I only heard it because my mother in WI held the phone to the TV while it was happening. I sobbed. It was a pathetic site to see, but it was appropriate. :)

Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Sorry to see #4 ride into the sunset.