Monday, August 04, 2008

And so go the days of our Packerland

"Brett Favre has been placed on the Green Bay Packers' roster following his reinstatement by the National Football League."

Interesting developments over the weekend. The Minnesota Vikings don't want him. The Green Bay Packers are gonna make him duke it out with Aaron Rodgers for the position of starting quarterback. What? And have Favre play all the downs in the preseason games? That is interesting. Should make the availability of preseason Packers tickets a little light if you get Favre playing for $40!

I was giving my boy the COLD should for a month or so. I am ashamed of myself. All of this love and devotion turned sour with one little itch. Poor Brett. I will scratch your itch. Good luck at making Aaron run for the AFC.

Go Pack!

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