Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Goal for the Packers Off Season

No it doesn't involve any of the Packers players or coaching staff; it is all about me and my desire to represent the older generation of Bikini Girls at Lambeau Field when my Green Bay Packers hit the field in August. Some people mark weight loss goals with the changing of the calender year, I am going to do it with the Packers loss to the Giants in the NFC F*&@NG Championship Game at Lambeau Field this past Sunday. I can't get over it. It just would have been so sweet. As someone in my office just pointed out, in some sort of weird way, it is sure nice these girls are fit and represent Wisconsin in a better light than most. Do you think Maxim likes Bikini Moms?

The bright side of this is that I believe it is almost a sure thing that Brett Favre will return to lead the green and gold on one more run for the Super Bowl. So, who has my Packers tickets for September? I will give you a bikini....Bueller?

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