Monday, January 07, 2008

Seattle Fans Pick up Packers tickets for Saturday

Looks like we will have quite a nice game on our hands come Saturday as the Seattle Seahawks, coached by former Packers' coach Mike Holmgren come to Green Bay. As the game ended in Seattle this weekend, west-coasters were online booking flights and Packers vs Seahawks tickets like mad. We all know that the Packers team coached by Holmgren went all the way to the Super Bowl back in 1996. The ol' tale of teacher and student. Coach Holmgren reeling in the wild ways of young quarterback Brett Favre #4. The folks in Green Bay named a street after the guy! Holmgren Way! Watching their game against the Washington Redskins made me a little nervous; they didn't look bad let's put it that way.

The NFC Divisional game between the Packers and Seahawks have fans in Wisconsin FIRED UP and buying Packers tickets! Although many seem to be looking right past this game, assuming a win and a Dallas loss over the Giants. While I am right in line with that school of thought, my brain tells me not to get too excited, that a NFC Championship game in Green Bay is probably not going to happen. Checking out various Dallas Cowboys' blogs isn't as entertaining as reading Green Bay Packers blogs, that's for sure! The Cowboys can beat the Giants this time just as they did twice this season. Maybe third time is a charm? At this moment the Cowboys are an 8 point favorite. Hmmmm, just like the Packers are at home against Seattle. Oddsmakers busy or coincidence? Either way, I do hope one of their predictions is wrong.

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