Monday, April 14, 2008

Packers Preseason Schedule

We already know the Packers will face the Vikings at Lambeau to open the 2008 NFL season, but what we now can add to that is the preseason opponents. On Monday, August 11, the Packers play the Cincinnati Bengals at home. Then they are on the road for a game at the San Francisco 49ers and at the Denver Broncos Invesco Field at Mile High, or whatever that place is called now. The last game before we can all get REALLY excited for the regular NFL season to begin is against Tennessee back at home. Have we played the Tennessee Titans in every preseason for the last 5 years? Not that there is anything wrong with it...What is so right about it is the price of preseason Packers tickets! These are the games to take kids to and not feel like you broke the bank! I would suspect the first home game will offer up the least spendy tickets as it is a Monday night which leaves a lot of people out of the picture. Speaking of pictures, check out Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Oh, to be a fly on their shoulders. Or wherever.

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