Friday, June 06, 2008

Packers Give Favre His Old Locker

Rather than creating mass hysteria as to which Packers player would next use the locker once used by former Packers quarterback Brett Favre, the team has decided to just give it to #4. As players starting coming in to Green Bay and streaming in to the locker room this Spring, none touched Favre's old locker, in fact most took pictures. ESPN even created a build your own Favre Locker shrine on their site. The team is going to have a new locker built and installed by the end of July, by the time practices are in full swing for the fall NFL season.

I will now await the very special day, when Brett and Deanna invite me over to their pad for a cookout and a tour of their decked out rec room. They have to have some time on their hands now. I will bring a nice dish to pass.

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