Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rodgers: "Human Jugs Machine"

In a recent interview Greg Jennings said the following about his new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, "He has a cannon. We call him the 'Human Jugs Machine. He throws it like a Jugs machine every time." Only on ESPN would this statement not create a little giggle among readers.

Bottom line though for Green Bay Packers fans is the fact that this statement was made at all. Players are saying that they knew all along that Rodgers can throw the ball, even if he will always be compared to that pesty #4. Head Coach Mike McCarthy said that for the past 3 years they have been working to drop his ball carriage, a trait Rodgers picked up in college at Cal State.
One good thing to this transition is that Rodgers isn't brand new to the team, he has been Packer for years and is a familiar face in the locker room and at Lambeau Field.


Wisconsin Music Man said...

Rodgers just needs to relax and play his style of ball. I think we got a glimpse of his ability during the Dallas game last year.

Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

So is that HJ for short?