Monday, June 09, 2008

Who is Pro Bowl Cornerback Al Harris?

The guy is more than just a Packers player with dreadlocks. He hasn't missed an NFL game since the 1998 NFL season. Voted to play and start in the 2008 NFL Pro Bowl, Packers fans are happy to have such a quality cornerback on board. That said, Harris did have a tough game on his hands in the NFC Championship loss at Lambeau this past January. Harris was matched up with New York Giants' Plaxico Burress in what became such a heartbreaking loss for the Packers players and fans. Burress just had the game of his life and Harris just couldn't get the elevation to beat him.

One team had to lose that game.

Moving on to the upcoming season, Al Harris is ready for action. Along with Charles Woodsen and a few other vets, Harris will be relied upon to help lead the rookies. Harris has played in every game since he came to the Packers in 2003. That alone sets a nice example of toughness, both mentally and physically. With his bump-and-run style, Harris ensured his place in the record books with the Packers in a Wild Card game against the Seattle Seahawks in 2004 when in overtime, he intercepted Matt Hasselback's pass for a touchdown. Having been at that game, I will say that I will NEVER forget how great that moment was. The crowd was CRAZY!

Let's get to the good stuff. The muscles, dreads and tattoos. Share in a ton of great photos on his Al Harris' My Space page. He seems to be a good guy, dedicating time and energy to those in need.

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